University of Southern Indiana

Student and Program Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management are:

  • Build and strengthen high-tech skills for our students and our community in the emerging field of Health Information Technology (HIT)

  • Provide an inclusive learning, caring community that supports students’ success and graduation

  • Promote the relationships and infrastructure to accelerate research focusing on the application of HIT to improve patient safety and comparative effectiveness
  • Catalyze collaborative interprofessional research among faculty, students and partner institutions to develop Health Informatics and Information Management Education, research and practice initiatives that could impact healthcare and public health at the local, state, regional and national domains
  • Provide community leadership through engagement, service learning, and organizational involvement

  • Provide infrastructure to facilitate the instructional and research needs of faculty (especially junior faculty) and students, funding opportunities, support services and use of technology that can improve patient-provider interaction

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