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The CARE Team follows an established protocol to ensure that concerning student behavior, mental health and medical issues, or other incidents are addressed consistently.

Reporting Incidents to the CARE Team

The CARE Team plays a secondary role in all emergency situations. In cases of emergency, please contact the Office of Public Safety (812-492-7777).

An online reporting form has been set up and will be immediately sent to the Dean of Students Office for follow-up. However, do not expect an immediate response. Therefore, if an immediate response is required, please contact the Office of Public Safety in an emergency. Each report should include as much detail as possible about the behavior and/or incident of concern. Once an incident report is submitted, the reporter will receive a computer-generated response, acknowledging the report has been successfully submitted.

Click here to complete an online CARE Team Reporting Form.

All employees should consider it their responsibility to report concerning behaviors for the safety and well-being of the student and campus community. To effectively meet the needs of students, as well as mandated response and reporting requirements, it is critical that faculty and staff report certain situations to the CARE Team. This is particularly the case with it comes to issues of anger, hostile and/or threatening behaviors, physical or sexual assaults, specific or vague statements about suicide or homicide (e.g., "Can't go on like this"), stalking, harassment, and threats communicated via academic assignments, social media, email, and phone calls. The Campus CARE Guide is designed to help you meet student needs and fulfill your responsibilities.

All reports should be made to the CARE Team, by contacting the Office of Public Safety, the Dean of Students Office and/or your direct supervisor, except in case of emergencies. You do not have to determine if the concerning behavior is a CARE Team issue, or is more appropriately handled by other campus resources. The most critical step is that you report the concerning behavior to the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Public Safety, or file a CARE Team Reporting Form online. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the CARE Team will refer the student and handle the transfer of information.

Faculty/staff/community members can reach the CARE Team staff through the Dean of Students Office at 812-464-1862, during regular business hours. After hours or during emergencies, ALWAYS contact the Office of Public Safety at 812-492-7777. The Office of Public Safety will contact other members of the CARE Team as needed.

When determining what is reportable, err on the side of over-reporting. While an isolated event may appear minor, other similar incidents about which you may not have knowledge, occurring in close proximity may indicate a pattern of concerning behavior.

CARE Team Actions

The CARE Team will assess incidents and determine actions consistent with University policy.

Assessment may include:

  • Clarifying details
  • Interviewing the involved students, faculty, or staff members

Initial actions may include:

  • Referring students to appropriate support services
  • Facilitating meetings between concerned parties
  • Contacting parents, guardians, roommates, friends, faculty, coaches, etc. as appropriate. This should only be done after it has been determined that such notifications are legally permitted, and could be helpful to the student.
  • Situations involving student(s) demonstrating an imminent threat to harm of self or others should be referred immediately to the Office of Public Safety (812-492-7777).

Follow-up actions may include:

  • Mandating a psychological assessment
  • Voluntary/involuntary removal from campus
  • Establishing criteria for a student’s return to the campus
  • Coordinating supportive services for a returning student
  • Establishing a behavioral agreement/contract

NOTE:  Never promise confidentiality to student(s) if they share information with you that may require you to file a CARE Team Reporting Form with the CARE Team.

The above policies and procedures were adapted from guidelines developed at the University of California San Diego, Mills College, and Webster University.

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