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Religious and Cultural Observances

Like most American colleges and universities, the University of Southern Indiana follows an academic calendar in which classes are officially not in session on many national holidays and religious observances, including Christmas Day and Good Friday.

However, USI is committed to enhancing cultural awareness in a diverse and global community and recognizes the importance of religious and cultural expression in the lives of many of our students, faculty, and staff.

For that reason, even though classes are in session during many other holidays and religious observances, students are encouraged to approach faculty early in any semester in order to request any accommodation they might need to honor their religious and cultural observances. Accommodations might include a request for an excused absence, additional time to complete lab work or written assignments, or the rescheduling of a quiz or an exam.

The faculty is encouraged but not required to accommodate such requests.

Students should understand that for a variety of reasons, it may not be feasible to accommodate their requests.

More importantly, students should understand that any sort of accommodation does not excuse the student of responsibility for material covered in class or any sort of assignment or exam that is due on a day when an accommodation is requested and granted.

Once again, we would like to stress the importance of opening a dialogue. Students should approach their instructors as early in the semester as possible to make requests for any accommodations.

2018-19 Religious and Cultural Observances

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