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Academic Integrity


The University of Southern Indiana is an engaged learning community advancing education and knowledge, enhancing civic and cultural awareness, and fostering partnerships through comprehensive outreach programs.  The campus is dedicated to a culture of civility among students, faculty, and staff.  Academic integrity is vital to the campus mission and culture.  The academic integrity statement serves as an educational tool, defining academic integrity, violations of academic integrity, outlining sanctions for violations and administration of academic integrity policy.   

Academic Integrity:

  • Demonstrates respect for all students’ right to a safe, quality learning environment
  • Does not interfere with others educational goals
  • Promotes professional and ethical behaviors of all majors
  • Appropriately cites others ideas, writings, and/or work
  • Prohibits unapproved assistance with all academic endeavors which includes but is not limited to tests, writing, research, analysis, interpretation

Academic Integrity ensures:

  • Fairness to students
  • All students have the same opportunities
  • Everyone receives appropriate credit for their work
  • Academic honor
  • A culture of civility

Failure to uphold academic integrity:

  • Diminishes degree value
  • Threatens the credibility of the institution and students

The benchmarks of any great university are high academic standards and academic integrity.  Academic integrity is the hallmark of truth and honesty in an engaged university community.  Students have the right and responsibility to pursue their educational goals with academic integrity.  All members of the university are accountable for their actions in maintaining high standards of academic integrity.  Students are responsible for completing academic requirements without action and/or material that violate academic integrity. 

1.1    Violations of Academic Integrity

Please note

The Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures have changed in the Student Planner starting on page 162. Please follow the link for the updated version.

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