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Email Signature

Consistent email signatures deliver a visually coherent look across university departments and offices. Just as our business cards follow a standardized approach, email signatures should be consistent. Consider your email signature your digital business card, and include the appropriate information.

Setup instructions are available below to assist you in creating an officially branded email signature.

Other considerations
Personal quotations or philosophical statements should not be included as part of your signature. Your USI signature is a direct representation of the university's viewpoint.

Watermarked, colored or photographic backgrounds in emails are not permitted as they often make correspondence difficult to read and are not always compatible with other email programs.

When applicable, professional designations or certifications may be placed directly after your name. For example: Jane Doe, MBA

The USI email signature uses Calibri font which is a common font found on most Macs and PCs. If the instructions below do not give you the same format or look as the example, please check to make sure you have enabled HTML messages in Outlook, and you are using FireFox or Chrome Browser to view this page.

Setup Instructions

To create your email signature, follow these instructions:

Step1 First, visit this link to view formatting  Look at this
Step2 Second, COPY AND PASTE 
Highlight the entire signature—it may be easiest to start at the end—and copy it by pressing Ctrl-C on PC or Cmd-C on a Mac.
based on what platform/application you are using below.

Paste into Outlook for PC

  • Create a new email
  • Select Signature --> Signatures
  • Select new.
  • Copy and Paste the signature version you want to use

Paste into Outlook for Mac

  • Create a new email
  • Go to Insert
  • Click on Signature  -- > Manage Signatures
  • Click the plus sign to add a new signature
  • Copy and Paste the signature version you want to use
  • Edit the placeholders with your information.
  • Save.

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