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Official Usage Policy

Origins and Symbolism of the University of Southern Indiana Seal
The Seal of the University of Southern Indiana was designed to signify the importance of higher education in defending citizens against ignorance. Between the two banners displaying the University’s name appear a band and an open book bound together by the torch of knowledge. In the band, rays of light emanate simultaneously from a rising sun, symbolizing the young University, and from the torch, symbolizing the light of knowledge and the passion for scholarship. Trees on either side of the flame suggest not only the University’s pastoral southern Indiana setting but also life, growth, and continuity. Beneath this band, an open book emphasizes the importance of teaching and learning; academia populi and academia populo indicate that the University of Southern Indiana is a scholarly academy founded and supported by the people, for the people. Finally, the laurel branches to the right and left of the book represent victory: the light of learning overcomes the darkness of ignorance. 

To preserve the unique symbolism of the University Seal (Seal), its use is restricted to formal or official University documents or events of historical or significant importance.

The Seal may be used at the discretion of the president of the University for other specified legal or official purposes.

The Seal typically appears in the University’s standard colors of red, blue, and white, plus gold or silver. The Seal may be reproduced in black or as a reverse image, or as a combination of the negative and the positive image. Other color alterations are not permitted.

The Seal may not be downloaded or scanned by any entity. A correct digital file of the Seal is provided by Creative and Print Services once authorization has been granted by the Vice President for Marketing and Communications. The digital Seal file may be used only for the stated and approved purpose for one-time use on a case-by-case basis.

The Seal may not be altered in any way or blended with other designs or symbols.

Use of the Seal for purposes other than those specified in this policy requires prior authorization from the Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

For documents or occurrences other than those noted here, the standard University logo is appropriate.

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