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The University of Southern Indiana has undergone a great deal of change in our nearly 50 years. Now was the right time to take stock of our brand and consider how we will embrace the next half century. Selecting the right symbol required distilling the essence of our University into a few simple strokes. No small task! The resulting image had to convey our history as well as a long and bright future. Our new academic logo borrows symbolism from the torch found in the University's seal, within the spine of an open book, and transforms it into the "I" in USI. The torch's flame, a red blaze, signifies the illumination of knowledge (or an eagle's wing). We hope you agree that the new logo is fresh and forward-thinking, innovative and accessible, and imbues a sense of openness and connectivity that is indicative of USI. What started as a spark has kindled into a flame and is now a torch lighting the way, burning ever brighter as we continue our quest for knowledge — Knowledge for Life.

The USI Brand
When you hear the letters U-S-I, what does that conjure in your mind's eye? Whatever the images, emotions or stories, those are the University of Southern Indiana brand… and its equity -- the value you place on your relationship with the University. 

One literal form of the word 'brand' comes from the act of differentiating one owner's cattle from another by using a branding iron to permanently mark the animal with a unique symbol. Whether you are a community member, donor, student, faculty, staff or alumni of USI, what mark has USI left on you? In turn, what mark have you left on this university?

Our brand is an intangible asset, possibly one of our most valuable assets, comprised of much more than just a logo. But the USI logo, all by itself, has to carry a lot of weight. It is the single-most-used visual representation of what we were, are and aspire to be. And that's why we need to protect it.

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