University of Southern Indiana

Mission Statement

The mission of the Advising Center is to provide academic advising services to first year students and pre-majors in the College of Nursing and Health Professions. The Advising Center supports students’ transition to the USI community, while enabling them to develop academic plans that are in keeping with their needs, interests, and abilities. The Advising Center empowers students to take charge of their educational careers through collaborative mentoring relationships between advisors and students.  

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Be knowledgeable about and communicate the requirements of academic programs in CNHP and the USI Core curriculum
  • Monitor students' progress towards admissions and degree completion
  • Be available to meet with students
  • Treat all students with respect and respond to their individual needs
  • Refer students to appropriate resources 
  • Involve students in their own academic process, including self-reflection and the exploration of options and resources

If you don't know where to get the information and the help that you need, contact the Advising Center.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Schedule and appearing promptly for appointments with the advisor when necessary
  • Prepare for an advising session by having a list of questions and courses (and alternatives) needed
  • Be knowledgeable about policies, procedures, and requirements as published in the Bulletin for your major
  • Be prepared to discuss personal values and goals as they relate to academic and career-related needs
  • Follow through with appropriate action after the advising meeting
  • Accept responsibility for the academic decisions to be made

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