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Insurance and Claims Management

Risk Management is responsible for identifying and analyzing potential areas of risk to the University, making recommendations as to those risks which are to be insured, and those that are to be self-insured or assumed, as well as recommending the types and amounts of coverage purchased to protect the University's assets. Risk Management has been delegated the overall responsibility for the procurement and administration of all property and casualty coverages for the University. Additionally, Risk Management coordinates policy administration and will respond to all questions related to insurance matters and coverage needs.

Any incident, which may result in a property or liability claim, should be immediately reported to Risk Management. Claims involving a crime, such as theft of University property, should first be reported to Public Safety for an official report and investigation. Risk Management will investigate reported incidents and complete and submit all claims to the appropriate insurance carriers. All checks reimbursing the University for losses for which a claim has been filed are channeled through Risk Management to ensure a proper audit trail, and that funds due the University are collected and deposited appropriately.

If you have questions about the University's insurance programs and claims management process, then contact Risk Management at (812) 465-7003 or through .

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