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University of Southern Indiana

Eagle Perks

USI Eagle Perks 

Eagle Perks is a voucher program that gives USI students free or discounted access to Evansville events.

There is one specific activity each month along with other activities that can be used anytime throughout the year.

Students can pick up a voucher at the RFWC with a valid USI ID (limit one per student)

Voucher can only be used if accompanied by USI ID 

Each voucher is only good for designated periods

Vouchers are only available to those who have paid the current semester's activity fee. 

 Current activities:

  • Fall Semester
    • September - Walther's Golf & Fun
    • October - Mayse Farm Market and The Olde Courthouse Catacombs & House of Lecter
  • Year-Round Activities
    • Evansville Museum - Free admission
    • Mesker Park Zoo - Free admission

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