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University of Southern Indiana

Club Sports

USI Club Sports

Club Sports are recognized student organizations that exist to promote and develop interest in a particular sport or activity.  These interests may be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature, and participation in Club Sports is strictly voluntary.  Each club is organized and run by its student members under the supervision of the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness.  Because the emphasis of Club Sports is student leadership and development, involvement enhances the college experience and contributes to the students’ overall education.

The participate in a club sport you must be a student of the University of Southern Indiana and meet the requirements set by the club and the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness. Most clubs will have a callout date that interested participants will need to attend to get more information about joining the club. 

Current Club Sports
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Bass Fishing

Men's Rugby

Women's Rugby
Men's Ultimate Frisbee
Men's Hockey

Clay Target


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