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Drop My CAP Course

Why might a CAP student wish to drop a course?

There could be a variety of reasons, including:

  • The course will not transfer to the student's intended university
  • The course is not needed for the student's intended major, or does not fit in the university's general education curriculum
  • The student is doing poorly in the course and does not wish to have a bad letter grade on a college transcript
  • The student transferred out of the CAP classroom or left the school

Why does the CAP Office need to know?

  1. Simply telling your teacher or counselor does not remove you from the CAP course.
  2. The CAP Office must submit a form signed by the student and instructor to the USI Registrar's Office to remove a student.
  3. Students who do not notify the CAP office will remain in the course in USI's system and may receive a letter grade if not removed appropriately.

Who can notify the CAP Office?

While it is preferred that the student notify CAP directly, we often rely on the instructor or guidance counselor to assist with the process. 

What is the process and the deadline?

  1. The student, instructor or counselor completes the Drop Request Form. If the form is unavailable, please email with the student name, student email, the name of the course to be dropped, and the instructor name. 
  2. The Drop Request Form must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. Central the Friday prior to the final exam. 
  3. The CAP office receives the drop request and creates an official USI drop form.
  4. The drop form is emailed to the student with the student's counselor and instructor (when applicable) copied.
  5. The student either replies to the email with approval OR prints/signs the form. Once the form is signed, the student should email it back to the CAP office. Students can take a picture of the form with their phone and email it if needed or take the form to the counselor for assistance.

Will the student still owe money?

It depends. The student should reference the current Refund Calendar to check whether they will be issued any kind of refund. Students eligible for the National School Lunch Program in the current academic year do not owe tuition for CAP courses as long as the CAP Office was notified of that status. If you receive a bill and believe it to be in error, email or call 812-228-5022. 

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