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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the MSOT Program?
Visit our program admission page for requirements and instructions.

Is the selection process competitive? 
Yes. We plan for somewhere between 80-120 applicants for the selection process.

Is there an application deadline for the selection process?
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) application will be available October 1st - February 15th of the academic year (for Fall semester start date).

Do you require the GRE?
The MSOT Program does not require the GRE.

Is there an alternate list in case I am not invited? 
Yes. Depending on overall ranking, students who are not among the top 30 ranked students may be placed on a alternate list.

When will I find out if I am accepted? 
The MSOT Program will notify applicants regarding their status (invitation to begin, alternate list placement, conditional invitation, or no ranking) during March.

What is a conditional invitation?
A conditional invitation is offered to students who are invited, via the selection process, to begin the professional program, but who have prerequisite work remaining and/or bachelor degree completion. These students are invited on the condition that the grades earned in the remaining prerequisite work do not significantly affect their ranking among those who participated in the selection process.

Will I need to leave the area for one or both of the extensive fieldwork opportunities?
Probably—a student is assigned to a fieldwork site based on a number of factors—including the sites available, the student’s interests, and the student’s educational needs.

Fieldwork Level I occurs in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, school systems, community sites, and other health and wellness facilities and may be located across the United States.

Fieldwork Level II is completed in two different settings: one an hospital setting and the other a community type of setting.  Level II fieldwork  may be located throughout the United States, depending on the student’s individual assignment. Before starting fieldwork experiences, student may be required to undergo additional drug testing, criminal background check, CPR certification, and/or additional health requirements.

What degree(s) will I have an opportunity to earn?

  • Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

I have a bachelor’s degree (e.g., psychology, health services, biology)—what prerequisite courses do I need?

  • BIOL 121: Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • BIOL 122: Anatomy and Physiology 2
  • PSY 201: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 261: Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 322: Abnormal Psychology
  • HP 115: Medical Terminology
  • HP 225: Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • EXSC 383: Kinesiology
  • HP 302: Biostatistics

I already have taken some of the prerequisite courses with my bachelor’s degree, is there a limit on how long ago I took the prerequisite courses? 

The required prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last seven (7) years.

Are there any additional costs?

  • In addition to regular university fees, student should expect to spend approximately $2,000 on textbooks, and approximately $300 on health requirements while in the program.

  • Students should be prepared to assume living and travel expenses associated with fieldwork experiences. Fieldwork assignments may be out of state.

  • Upon acceptance into the MSOT program, students must submit a signed letter of acceptance and a non-refundable processing fee of $500 (required to hold a place for you in the MSOT class) simultaneously. The fee will be deducted from the students MSOT fall tuition.

Are there health requirements for the MSOT Program?

Prior to entering the MSOT program, admitted students are required to have (specific information will be given to the accepted students upon receiving a signed letter of acceptance and a non-refundable processing fee):

  • Current Immunizations
  • CPR Certification
  • Health Insurance
  • Physical Exam
  • Completion of the CNHP’s OSHA and HIPAA exams
  • AOTA Membership
  • Two-Step TB Test
  • Influenza
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Test

Will I have the opportunity to work while I am in the MSOT Program?

The class schedule for full-time occupational therapy students is rigorous, although part-time employment during the evening or weekend hours is possible for some students.

What is the pass rate for the MSOT Program?

Information regarding our pass rate can be found on the MSOT program's Accreditation webpage. 

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