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Reporting Emergencies

Emergency Procedures - Reporting Emergencies



When reporting an emergency or incident, remain calm, carefully explain the problem, and location to the USI Public Safety officer or dispatcher (812-492-7777 or Ext. 7777).    

Use the following methods to notify Public Safety:

  • Call the Public Safety office and speak with a dispatcher. If campus landlines are inoperable, call cell phone number 812-228-5029.
    • The dispatcher will obtain information from caller and provide an appropriate emergency response based on information provided.

  • Speak directly to a Public Safety or law enforcement officer patrolling the campus and housing areas.

  • Use an exterior blue emergency phone or an interior emergency phone located in housing and inside campus buildings.

  • Blue exterior and interior emergency phone instructions:
    • Push the button to activate the blue flashing light (blue emergency phones only);
    • Phone is voice-activated
    • You will automatically be connected to Public Safety dispatcher
    • Location of phone is known by dispatcher
    • If button is pushed and Public Safety dispatcher does not have voice contact with caller, a Public Safety officer is dispatched to location to investigate.

  • Use a panic/duress alarm button in the public women's and men's restrooms on campus
    • Push the button
    • An audible alarm sounds at the location and at the Public Safety dispatch
    • Location of panic/duress alarm is known by dispatcher
    • If panic/duress button is pushed, a Public Safety officer is dispatched to location to investigate.

Report any concerns you have about students, faculty, staff, or visitors to the USI Dean of Student’s Office, the CARE Team (812-464-1862), USI Public Safety (812-492-7777 or ext. 7777) or USI Human Resources (812-464-1815). 

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