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Bomb Threat

Emergency Procedures - Bomb Threat

A bomb threat is a threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not the device actually exists. Treat all bomb threats seriously. After receiving a bomb threat, immediately notify Public Safety.

  • Do a quick visual inspection of your area. Don't touch or move suspicious objects.
  • Don't use radios or cell phones, they may trigger an explosive device.
  • Evacuate the area and seek protective cover from the bomb and potential debris.

Phoned Threat

  • Remain calm.
  • If possible, signal other staff members to listen.
  • If the phone has a display, copy the number and/or letters on the window display.
  • Write down the exact wording of the threat.
  • Keep the caller on the line for as long as possible.
  • Record the conversation, if possible.
  • Fill out the Bomb Threat Checklist immediately.
  • Notify USI Public Safety at 812-492-7777 or ext. 7777.
  • Take no further action until you are advised to do so by Public Safety officer or law enforcement.

Verbal Threat

  • If the perpetrator leaves, note which direction they went.
  • Notify Public Safety:
    • Write down the threat exactly as it was communicated.
    • Note the description of the person who made the threat:
      • Name (if known)
      • Physical appearance: race, gender, height/weight, hair and eye color, distinguishing features
      • Type/color of clothing
      • Voice (loud, deep, accent, familiarity, disguised, angry)
      • Threatening language (irrational, incoherent, taped, profane, etc.)
  • Take no further action until you are advised to do so by Public Safety officers or law enforcement.

Written Threat

  • Handle the document as little as possible.
  • Notify Public Safety :
    • Rewrite the threat exactly as is on another sheet of paper. Include the following:
      • Date/time/location document was found.
      • Any situations or conditions surrounding the discovery/delivery.
      • Full names of any person who saw the threat.
      • Secure the original threat; DO NOT alter the item in any way.
      • If small/removable, place in a bag or envelope.
      • If large/stationary, secure the location.

E-mailed Threat

  • Leave the message open on the computer.
  • Notify Public Safety.
  • Print, photograph, or copy the message and subject line; note the date and time.

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