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Professor Srivastava presenter at academic conference held virtually

Despite global travel bans and other restrictions during the pandemic, technology is making it possible to keep many things on track - virtually. That includes professional gatherings and events of any size using Zoom and other meeting applications.

Dr. Srishti Srivastava, assistant professor of computer science, was scheduled as one of the presenters at the International Conference for Computational Sciences. The conference was to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 3-5. Instead, Srivastava attended the conference online and virtually presented “Addressing the Robustness of Resource Allocation in the Presence of Application and System Irregularities via PEPA Based Modeling,” a peer-reviewed paper that was accepted for publication in Springer’s Lecture Notes for Computer Science. 

Computer science organizations such as IEEE Computer and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) helped manage the conference logistics and created an agenda in such a way that presenters across the world were given a chance to present at comfortable times of the day. Dr. Srivastava's talk was scheduled late in the afternoon according to Amsterdam's time zone, which was early morning in the United States' Central time zone. The use of technologies such as Zoom and Slack enabled exceptionally good networking opportunities, which is an essential benefit of attending conferences in academia.

Dr Srivastava

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Published June 11, 2020

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