Save on college tuition with a high-quality, affordable college degree from USI.

At the University of Southern Indiana, reasonable college tuition is just one component of an affordable college degree. College affordability at USI makes our top-quality academics and successful professional outcomes more accessible to you.

You'll get an outstanding education at USI while paying lower tuition than you’ll find at any other state-supported four-year college in Indiana.

USI uses a range of strategies to offer affordable college tuition. We're able to deliver low college costs and high value by: 

  • Putting students first. As a teaching university, we funnel our investments into academic amenities that improve student outcomes.
  • Maximizing financial aid. USI's generous financial aid packages help to keep your college costs affordable.
  • Building community partnerships. Our strong relationships with local business and government leaders create valuable academic opportunities and resources for our students.
  • Emphasizing professional outcomes. USI graduates have an exceptional record of professional success. Your college degree will pay high dividends when you enter the job market or apply to graduate schools.

Contact USI Undergraduate Admissions at 800-467-1965 to find out how you can earn a top-quality college degree at USI while paying affordable college tuition. 

Estimate your costs to see how USI’s affordable tuition saves you money.

How much money can you save with USI's affordable college tuition? Use these tools to see how easily you can afford a college degree at USI. 

Contact USI Undergraduate Admissions at 800-467-1965 to learn more about the University of Southern Indiana. You can gather more information by:

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