Walking Tour Video

USI students Aniyah and Daniel show you around USI in this walking tour video.

Tour length: 5 minutes

Online Tour Site

To give you a similar experience to an in-person tour, we're offering a couple options that let you follow a tour guide through our online tour site. You can turn your volume up and be guided through campus by a student who will share their own experiences of campus or if you prefer to navigate through the tour site at your own pace, that option is still available.

Navigate on your own

This option takes you to the tour site which will let you click through the tour at your own pace.

Follow along with Mara

Tour length: 30 minutes

Mara is a USI student ambassador majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Her tour does not include housing.

Follow along with Erica

Tour length: 47 minutes

Erica is a USI student ambassador who just finished her second year at USI. She is majoring in Political Science. Her tour includes housing.