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The Student Government Association is divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Every officer serves in one of these branches, each with their own duties and responsibilities.

Executive Branch (Executive Board)

The Executive Branch includes the President, Executive Vice President, Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer. The executive officers are each charged with their own unique duties and responsibilities as described in the Constitution and Bylaws.

The Executive Board includes the Executive Officers plus the Communications Director, Chief Justice, and Chief of Staff.

Legislative Branch (General Assembly)

The Legislative Branch of SGA, assembled together as the General Assembly, is the chief fiscal and policy-making body of SGA. The General Assembly is the forum of student ideas and the place where SGA resolutions are introduced and passed.

Judicial Branch (University Court)

The Judicial Branch of SGA, assembled together as the University Court, hears USI parking and traffic appeals, as well as settles constitutional questions within SGA.

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