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Approval to travel on University business must be obtained by all persons under the Academic Affairs umbrella.  If an employee is not seeking funding from the University, then the Academic Affairs Travel Request & Class Coverage form is the only step needed.  However, if USI will be paying for any business related travel expenses, a pre-authorization in Chrome River will need to be submitted after approval to travel has been received.

Q. Why do I need to complete an Academic Affairs Travel Request and Class Coverage form and complete a Pre-Approval in Chrome River?

A. Chrome River is a financial tool for financial managers approve trip funding. The Academic Affairs Travel Request form is a request to travel and requires approvals from the people you directly report to, as well as financial managers.

Q. How does completing the Academic Affairs Travel Request form benefit me?

Completing the Travel Request form will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It allows your department chair/supervisor and dean/director to know that you are traveling.
  • It provides your department chair with information on how your classes are to be covered in your absence.
  • It will provide you with the correct fund-orgn numbers to use, as well as the exact funding you will receive before entering the information into Chrome River.

Q. Who should I have sign my Travel Request form?

  • In-state travel requires signatures from your department chair/supervisor and dean/director. *If you are asking for faculty development funds, the form will also need to be forwarded to the Provost’s Office.
  • Out-of-state travel requires signatures from your department chair/supervisor, dean/director, and provost.
  • Out-of- Country travel requires signatures from your department chair/supervisor, dean/director, provost, and president.
  • Faculty traveling with students may require additional signatures, please see USI Student Travel Policy.
  • If funding is also coming from an area other than department/college, financial manager for the other fund should sign, this allows for funding transparency.

Q. How far in advance should I complete my Travel Request form?

A. Your travel request form should be completed a minimum of three weeks before the departure date; however, international travel should be completed well in advance of departure date. Travelers should be sensitive to deadlines associated with registration and hotel as well as airfare and begin the travel approval process far enough in advance to make the deadlines.

Q. I am not presenting or asking for funding from the University, do I still need to obtain approval to travel?

A. Yes, the Travel Request form is required whether or not USI is providing financial support because the form also approve the non-financial aspects. If you aren’t receiving funding from or through USI, then only the Travel Request form is completed, and there is no Pre-Approval done through Chrome River.

Q. I am teaching on-line courses, do I still need to have class coverage?

A. Yes, you should explain who the students will contact during your business travel if you are not accessible by email.

Q. How will I know when the Travel Request  has been approved?

A. The Travel Request form will be returned to you once the appropriate signatures have been obtained.

Q. I have questions about Chrome River.

A. Please contact Travel Services regarding pre-approvals and Accounts Payable regarding reconciliations.

Q. When will the Travel Card be available for use?

A. After the Pre-Approval is fully processed, the Travel Card will be opened within one business day. An email will be sent from Travel Services to notify you that your Travel Card has been opened.

Effective JULY 2014:

Any international travel request submitted to the Office of the Provost must be accompanied by an approval memo written by the appropriate dean and attached to the Travel Request Authorization form. Funding from the Office of the Provost for international travel is not guaranteed.


Faculty Development monies are provided at the discretion of the Provost only after college and/or department funding has been exhausted. Supporting documentation must be attached when requesting funding as indicated on the Travel Request Authorization form. The Provost's signature is required for all out-of-state travel as well as when Faculty Development funding is requested.

Faculty Development Travel Funds, provided through the Provost's Office, are available to all full-time faculty members who present a paper or poster at a conference, actively participate in a workshop as a leader or panelist, or hold an office in an organization sponsoring a conference.

Effective for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, Faculty Development Travel funding may provide each full-time faculty member:

    $500 maximum for Domestic Trips
     $700 for Non-Contiguous US International Trips
    Maximum Yearly Allowance of $900

Travel regulations are to be reviewed prior to traveling, especially International (Out-of-Country) travel policies and procedures for Study Abroad involving student programs/groups.

All faculty must complete their Travel Reconciliation in Chrome River within 60 days following the last travel day of each specific travel date. Claims submitted after 60 days must be resubmitted to the financial manager and the Provost for approval. Attach complete documentation verifying travel expenses prior to forwarding to the Provost's Office.

Part-time faculty are eligible for a maximum annual award of $375 to support professional development travel. These funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to qualify, part-time faculty must follow the same guidelines as those for the full-time faculty as mentioned above.

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