University of Southern Indiana

Camera Loans

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To Reserve a Camera

Fill out and submit the Camera Contract and Request Form.

  1. When you schedule your pick-up time, you will receive an email from Photography and Multimedia, acknowledging your request.
  2. By completing the contract, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment.

 Scheduled Pick Up

  1. When your camera is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email from Photography and Multimedia letting you know your equipment is prepared, cleaned and ready for use.
  2. You will pick up your equipment just inside the Publishing Services Center with a list of the items you are receiving and their estimated value to replace. This value is based off the price of the equipment on Amazon. Equipment cannot be delivered by interoffice mail or campus courier.

Return of Equipment

Return equipment immediately after using to the Photography and Multimedia. There will be a box for you to place all equipment in the Publishing Services.  We will remove the card to process photos. I most cases, the photos will be processed and a link will be mailed to you with your images within 48 hours. 

Tips and Guidelines for Taking Good Photos

Contact Photography and Multimedia


Send Email to