University of Southern Indiana
University Board of Trustee
University Board of Trustees

A board of nine trustees, appointed by the Governor of the State of Indiana, governs the University. This site provides information on Board of Trustees membership, meetings, and actions. The Board meets in regular session six times each year and holds an annual meeting in July.

The USI Board of Trustees is governed by Indiana Code which defines the creation, organization, powers, and responsibilities of the Trustees.

Links to Indiana Code related to the USI Board of Trustees:

IC 21-27-1 General Provisions; Definitions
IC 21-27-2 Board of Trustees; General Responsibilities
IC 21-24-1 University of Southern Indiana; Board of Trustees; Definitions.
IC 21-24-2 Creation
IC 21-24-3 Board of Trustees
IC 21-24-4 Officers; Meetings

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