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Repository Mapping

When you first install Tableau Desktop, the program automatically creates a repository in your My Documents folder. If you are the only person in your department using Tableau, you may leave your repository there. If you are using Tableau in conjunction with others, you may wish to move your repository to a spot where everyone can access it (i.e. network drive). This way everyone can easily use the same settings.

  1. Open Tableau and click on File and then Repository Location.
  2. Navigate to the agreed upon location of the new shared Tableau repository.
  3. Click Select Folder.
  4. The new Tableau repository should be structured the same way as the default Tableau repository. Copy the folders and files from the default Tableau repository into the new Tableau repository folder.
  5. You may need to close and reopen Tableau for the new repository to be mapped.

Download Repository Mapping PDF

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