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Preferences File

You can update the Tableau Preferences file to create more personalized settings in Tableau. The most common way to update the Preferences file is to add a custom color palette. Below are the instructions to update the custom color palette using the USI Color Palette.

  • Make sure to close Tableau before beginning work on the Preferences file.
  • The Preferences file is located in the Common Tableau Repository and has the extension of tps.
  • Open the file using Notepad.
  • The file is in xml. Add some space between the opening and closing workbook tags.


  •  In between the workbook tags, add in an opening and closing preferences tag.


  •  In between the preferences tags, add in an opening and closing color palette tag

 <color-palette name="USI Color Palette" type="regular"> </color-palette>

  •  In between the color palette tags, add in nine opening and closing color tags.


  •  In between each opening and closing color tag, add in the hexadecimal codes for the USI color palette. The hexadecimal codes are as follows:
    • #002856
    • #cf102d
    • #7491a3
    • #867970
    • #aaa099
    • #e9c2a6
    • #3d3e3f
    • #b1b1b2
    • #A45A52
  • Your final code should look like this:

<?xml version='1.0'?>



                        <color-palette name="USI Color Palette" type="regular">













  • Save the file. When you reopen Tableau, you should see the USI Color Palette in your marks card.

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