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Dashboard Footnotes

A footnote is a good location to note what filters have been applied to a dashboard. A user may sometimes forget which filter values s/he selected, so the footnote summarizes this information in a central location, usually at the bottom of a dashboard.

  • To create a footnote, you first need to create a new blank worksheet.
  • Then create a dummy calculation.

 Dummy Calculation

  • Place the dummy calculation onto the Detail pane.

  Detail Pane

  • Right click on the square in the view and select Format.


  • Remove the row and column dividers.

 Column and Row Dividers

  • Right click on the square again and select Exclude.


  • Place the dimensions you are using as filters in your dashboard onto the Filters

 Filters Pane

  • Right click on the worksheet title and click Edit Title.
  • Click on the Insert drop-down list and the dimensions you just added to your Filters pane should display at the bottom.

 Insert Dimensions

  • Select each dimension to add them to the title.
  • Make sure to properly label each dimension and add a title as explanation (i.e. Filters Applied).

 Filters Applied

  • Click OK.
  • The values selected in your main worksheet should display in the title.

 Filters Applied

  • Save the worksheet.
  • Navigate to your dashboard and locate the new footnote worksheet in your Sheets


  • Drag and drop the footnotes onto your dashboard and position it at the bottom.
  • Test the filters to make sure they are applied in the footnotes. If not, you may need reapply your filters.
  • Click on the filter that isn’t working and click on the More Options Then hover over Apply to Worksheets and click Selected Worksheets.

Apply to Worksheets

  • Locate the footnote worksheet in the list, check it and click OK.
  • The filter should then work properly.

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