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Program Overview

Offered by the College of Nursing and Health Professions at USI, the 100% online Master of Health Administration (MHA) will prepare you for leadership roles in healthcare. Choose from two concentration options of Post-Acute Care Leadership or Healthcare Leadership.

Our affordable and flexible program is designed for individuals who have a bachelor's degree and desire to diversify their leadership skills or obtain a leadership position in the healthcare field. 

The online MHA will develop leaders that will strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and accessible healthcare in their communities. 

The MHA program hosts an annual leadership breakfast seminar every September for students, alumni, faculty, and others in the healthcare community on the USI campus. 

Study abroad opportunities to Germany are also available through the USI-Osnabrueck partnership!

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Career Outlook

Earning your Master of Health Administration from USI will open doors to opportunities such as:

Program Curriculum

Students can complete the MHA program in an accelerated (1 year) format, or a standard (2 year) format!

You may complete this master's program by either enrolling in two courses per 7-week bi-term (the accelerated option) or by enrolling in one course per 7-week bi-term (the standard option).

Each course within the MHA program is three (3) credit hours, and seven weeks in duration. Courses are designed using the Quality Matters Rubric Standards based on best practices and research for course design.

MHA Core

All students must complete the required MHA Core (27 Credit Hours).

  • MHA 621 - The Health Services System
  • MHA 622 - Biostatistics
  • MHA 623 - Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • MHA 624 - Applied Economic Analysis in Healthcare
  • MHA 625 - Competitive Strategies in Healthcare
  • MHA 628 - Managerial Epidemiology 
  • MHA 633 - Human Resources and Labor Relations Management in Healthcare
  • MHA 642 - Health Informatics 
  • MHA 655 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

Students then choose to complete the remaining 9 credit hours in one of the following concentrations:

  • Healthcare Leadership Concentration
  • Health Informatics Concentration
  • Post-Acute Care (PAC) Leadership Concentration
Healthcare Leadership Concentration

9 Credit Hours

  • MHA 626 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • MHA 637 - Healthcare Leadership
  • MHA 643 - Healthcare Finance
Health Informatics Concentration

9 Credit Hours

  • MHA 645 - Health Data: Interoperability and Standards
  • MHA 646 - Health Information Systems: Design and Decision Making
  • MHA 647 - Health Data: Privacy and Security
Post-Acute Care (PAC) Leadership Concentration

9 Credit Hours

  • MHA 656 - Health Policy & Aging
  • MHA 657 - Regulatory Standards in Post-Acute Care
  • MHA 658 - Finance and Post-Acute Care
Admission Procedures & Requirements

We are on a rolling admissions basis, so you can apply at any time with our six convenient start dates throughout the academic year!

  1. Submit an online application and $40 application fee.
  2. Upload a current resume to your application account.
  3. Submit official transcripts to Graduate Studies.
  4. International applicants may be required to submit additional information.
Health Administration as a Purposeful Career

Program Highlights
  • All courses are offered online and are convenient for working adults.
  • There are six enrollment and start dates throughout the year!
  • An annual leadership seminar is offered for networking and further learning opportunities.
  • A study abroad opportunity to Germany is available through the USI-Osnabrueck partnership!
Program Delivery & Technology Requirements

All MHA courses are offered online using the Blackboard course management system and are seven (7) weeks in duration. Courses are designed using the Quality Matters Rubric Standards based on best practices and research for course design.

Respect for Diversity: Diversity Promotes and Enables Innovation

It is our intent that students from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives be well served in the MHA program, that students’ learning needs be addressed, and that the diversity that students bring to the program be viewed as a resource, strength and benefit. It is our intent to present materials and activities that are respectful of diversity: gender, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, and culture. Your suggestions are always encouraged and appreciated.

Program Calendar 

Course Start Application Deadline Registration Deadline
10/24/22 10/17/22 10/21/22
01/09/23 01/02/23 01/06/23
03/13/23 03/06/23 03/10/23

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