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The Faculty Senate is the voice of USI Faculty.

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Faculty Senate Statement in Opposition of Indiana HB1134

The Faculty Senate of the University of Southern Indiana values freedom of inquiry, exploration, debate, and critical thinking in the classroom. These principles are the bedrocks of education, fostering effective learning environments that encourage open and honest dialogues about issues that affect us both in and outside the classroom. HB1134 encroaches on these principles and threatens the idea of free, equitable, safe, and well-rounded education in our state. Without significant or pedagogical evidence of need, the bill attempts to impose restrictions upon the discussion of so-called divisive concepts such as sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin. This bill would also threaten educators who encourage their students to think critically. We stand in support of our K-12 colleagues in Indiana and around the country who face such limitations and interference with their roles as educators. We affirm the statement by the elected trustees of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation that acknowledges the strength of existing educational policies, standards, and practices. In addition, we recognize that HB1134’s threat to academic freedom will further exacerbate the shortage of qualified educators in Indiana and across the country. The Faculty Senate of the University of Southern Indiana stands in favor of strong, diverse, and well-rounded education and is opposed to HB1134.

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