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A screaming eagle has been a University of Southern Indiana tradition since 1970 when the mascot was introduced at the first game of the 1970-71 basketball season. By 1978, students decided that the mascot needed a name. So, the Activities Planning Board (APB), Student Government Association (SGA), and the student newspaper (The Shield) held a contest. The winning name was Archibald T. Eagle (T. stands for "The"). He is now affectionately known as Archie. 

As part of the evolution of the USI brand in 2014, focus groups were conducted with students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, community members, coaches, athletes, varsity club members and retirees. A chorus of voices echoed that Archie is a force of USI spirit that we needed to more fully support. As an ambassador for USI and our nationally-recognized athletic programs, it was suggested that he shed the cartoon look and take on some of the characteristics of our athletic teams—strong, competitive and tough. 

With that in mind, and in the interest of involving the USI community, Archie’s new look was put to a vote. Nearly 5,000 people voted, and his makeover resulted in a proud, refined eagle that maintained the original coloration of the brown feathers and gold beak and legs, and donned the school colors of blue, red and white in his apparel. 

Because we listened during the feedback sessions, Archie is also being introduced into the community more fully. Community members can request Archie for events and other public appearances.

Permission to use Archie by University departments and student organizations must be obtained from University Marketing and Communications. Please contact Megan Doyle at 812-464-1745 or 

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