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Activities Programming Board
Activities Programming Board

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The Activities Programming Board (APB) is the organization that provides fun and free activities to USI's students to provide entertainment outside of the classroom. Its members have the control and influence to bring entertainment they want to campus. They also plan all of the events and execute them themselves.

Get Involved
All USI students are welcome to be a part of the Activities Programming Board! To become a general member, you can attend our general meetings every other Monday at 5:30pm in UC 2207 and come help out at our events throughout the semester. If you have questions about how to become a general member, contact our Vice President of Internal Relations, Katie Nickoli at

If you are interested in leadership positions, APB assistant committee chair applications are available throughout the semester. Once the Spring semester approaches, you can also apply to be on the APB Board, where you can directly plan our events for the following Fall and Spring semesters.

If you want information on upcoming events, email our Vice President of External Relations, Chloe Walls at

If you have any questions in regards to APB as a whole, contact our President, Tobi Clark at

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