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    Expected Grade

    (A through F)

    # Credit Hrs
    for Class
    1st class
    2nd class
    3rd class
    4th class
    5th class
    6th class
    7th class



    • Valid grades include:   A   B+   B   C+   C   D+   D   F
    • Because courses with Pass/No Pass or Successful/Unsuccessful grading, and zero (0) credit hour courses do not impact GPA calculations, they would not need to be entered when using the semester GPA calculator.
    • Although the calculator provides GPA results out to the fourth decimal position, the official University GPA is truncated at the third decimal position (GPAs are never rounded up at USI).
    • When estimating a GPA, the calculator leaves off any trailing zeros (a 4.000 appears as 4, a 3.250 appears as 3.25, etc.)

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